The Clicino® Clicker Ring

by Animal Balanced Products & Training

unique & revolutionary in handling and timing!

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Distributor for United Kingdom!

Clicino Clicker Ring is looking for a distributor in United Kingdom for exclusive import and resale.

  • Do you have a good network and contacts to positive working trainers and owners of dogs and/or horses?
  • An existing distribution network for force free animal training products?
  • Access to organizers and promoters of animal shows, congresses, conferences, seminars or workshops etc.?
  • Teaching friendly handling and training of our pets without punishment?

Are you interested in representing and marketing the Clicino Clicker Ring in the UK? 

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The Clicino clicker ring

combines design, comfort and functionality

How and where is the Clicino worn?

The Clicker Ring Clicino is enormously versatile and can be individually placed according to givens and application area on the appropriate finger.

Whether on the thumb, index finger ... to the little finger. On the first, second or third phalanges, everything depends on your personal preferences and options.

The possibilities are almost limitless.
Just try it!

The clicker that does not bother you!

 Neither the short-term nor the long wearing of the Clicino, he will hinder you in your doing and doing or disturbing.

With its two soft finger clips the ring has a good fit on the phalanx. The push button for triggering the clicking sound is well dimensioned and always close to the thumb. This makes the clicker particularly easy to use.

Should you search your Clicino?
... always check your fingers first! 


For example - eye drops
With the cooperation signal "Nose sticks to hand" and our new helper "Clicinô", the practical clicker ring

A co-ordinating signal means that the animal decides whether he / she still wants to / can or can not stand it any longer. He has learned that I stop manipulating immediately when his nose is out of my hands. I slowly increase the difficulty and click desired behavior. When Jace does not like anymore or needs a short time, he decides. But thanks to the click and the delicious reward, he stays cooperative and we can treat his eye inflammation stress-free.

By the way, this exercise has not worked with any other clicker! 
The clicker ring is always ideal when you do not have a hand free!

 The clicker ring "CLICINO" 

leaves your hands free to do what you want!

... carry the bag
... keep the leash
... take the Rewards
The list is virtually extensible to infinity!

You can do allows what you want or need in every situation!

Training & Education of pets

Dogs, cats, chickens, horses, mice, etc.
but also for zoo animals or wild animals

predisposed to collaboration! 

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